Called to Serve

Friday, May 31, 2013

Second week in the MTC!! 5/31/13

Hows it going?!! Thank you so much for all the dear elder letters you guys have been writing!! It helps me to have such a better day when I get them and it helps me want to become a better missionary too!! Please don't hesitate with sending those! ha ha Anyways the MTC is the craziest thing I have ever experienced in my life!! Everyday I have very humbling and very uplifting experiences!! I can feel my relationship with Christ grow stronger everytime i pray and study. We practice teaching fake investigators everyday and its so awesome because then you get to experience the spirit working through you. Every lesson that I have taught that hasn't been very succesful its because I teach the lesson, not the investigator. But when I try to listen to what the spirit wants them to hear the lesson goes so well. Its crazy the power Heavenly Father trusts us with. We can do amazing things with it! I see people I know in the MTC everyday like Rex dadge, Devon Mann, Kaeli Wiltbank, Brandon Nicoll, and I saw Ashlee John yesterday! its awesome. The food here was really good at first but now its starting to rub me the wrong way. But yesterday they had a booth that was giving away free subway sandwiches and chips and cookies and pizza and wings and soda! Christmas in May!! So me and the 3 other elders in my district just grabbed all that we could carry and took it back to our room and had a big party. The typical day in the MTC goes like this. Wake up at 6 30, personal study at 7 15, breakfast at 8 15, class from 8 45-11 45, gym for an hour (every other day), Lunch at 1 20, class again from 2 05- 5 05, zone teaching from 5 05- 6 05, dinner, teaching progressing investigators from 7 15- 915, personal study for an hour, and then its lights out!! Ya they are pretty long days but in only the week that I have been here I have learned so much and have grown so much closer to my Savior! I hope you all remember the importance and praying and scripture study everyday!! Try to have a spiritual experience every time you read the Book of Mormon. Its crazy how much insight you can get. Anyways I get to go to the temple today for P day. Sadly though they don't let you go play basketball. We get to do that on wednesdays and its so much fun! Some guys in here take it way to seriously though. And that's coming from me. But for the rest of P day after the temple I do laundry and I can go workout at the gym and all that. P day ends at 6 though so after that I am going to teach an investigator with my companion. I love Elder Fredette, Elder Allred, and Elder Matangi. They are studs in the gospel and from day 1 we have all been really good friends. I love you all so much and miss you. I love it here though and know its where I need to be. I am praying for all of you every night and hope that you are trying your best to become closer to Jesus Christ. Thanks for everything.

O by the way I leave for Arkansas on Tuesday Morning!! and I got another story to tell. So last week our branch president told us to all prepare a talk on faith and he would choose 2 out of the 40 people in our branch to give it but he wasn't going to say who until sacrament meeting started. So of course he picked me to speak. Luckily I was ready. It was actually an awesome experience for me too and he told me afterwards that he felt a strong spiritual impression that I should give a talk for some reason that day. It was awesome!