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Monday, July 29, 2013

He sent us this picture after i posted the letter. Kinda Scary but thought it would make great memories so adding it to the blog!

remember to always do CPR. (church, pray, read.)

Happy Birthday Dalton!!!

Mi Familia!
Waddup Arizonans! So you got a new puppy huh? That is awesome! How was your 24th? No one even knows about that holiday up here!! O hey Mom you should check my FB and see if there is a message on it! We had dinner with a less active family last night and for some reason Sister Creameans looked me up on FB so I said she should write a message to you on it! ha anyways.....this week was pretty good. Elder Boyer and I pretty much dedicated this whole week to finding new investigators. Ones who have the sincere desire to come unto Christ. We are doing everything we can to find them. I really hope we can soon because I have seriously grown to love the Searcy ward and the members in it and a lot can be done to strengthen this ward. Is Macy really learning Mandarin?! That is awesome!! I know she will be good because she her and Christie kind of put off that Asian vibe already! So yesterday Elder Boyer and I were at this ghetto apartment complex talking to people and we talked to this one guy that is a straight up gangsta! We taught him and his wife the first lesson and it was really cool. Surprisingly they were well versed in the bible. We started talking about the Book of Mormon and how its a record of the ancient inhabitants of America and they were like "You fo' real?" They told us how they were just wondering the other night why Jesus came to the people in Jerusalem but not the people in the Americas. They had a lot of questions and were super excited. I love the Searcy area. Its pretty ghetto in some spots though. A guy got shot a couple blocks down from us two nights ago. Our investigator that I was telling you about last week is doing good! His name is Luckeon and he came to church yesterday again!  Thanks for your prayers! Elder Boyer is a really good missionary and is teaching me a lot! He has been out for a while so he knows his stuff! We are nothing alike. We do not have any of the same interests but somehow we get along really well! I have high hopes for this transfer! So last Tuesday for zone training Pres. Petersen came to Searcy and he was comparing everything we do to breaking a colt! It was my kind of meeting! Pres. Petersen is the most humble guy I know. He's a boss......literally...of me. Anyways I hope ryan had fun at camp! Has Kylie had fun this summer? Is she excited for EA? I love that place! Hows Kate doing? Cammie im sending you a letter today!! Thanks for all your prayers everyone! I am praying for you everyday. I love you all!! O and Happy Birthday Dalton!!

Thank you so much. and thanks for writing. Mom.....I have really come to know of the power of fasting this week! it is amazing. Fasting is such a simple way to show our faith in God. I love this Gospel and I am so grateful that I have parents like you and dad that brought it onto our home growing up! You da bomb mom!

side conversation:  He tried to play a trick on me!

O and by the way.....remember that camera I dropped in the river.....well I dropped the one I just bought in the toilet..

ha ha hahahahahahahahah no shicko! I was just kidding I didn't drop my new camera in anything! actually the camera I dropped in the river works again!! isn't that stupid? so now I have 2 cameras...

Monday, July 22, 2013

The rest of the letter!

Anyways i picked up my new comp Elder Boyer that night! He is a boss. He's from Provo (shocker) and he has been out 14 months! So before I left the mission home on transfer day one of the AP's Elder Marchant came up to me and said "You ready to take over the area Elder Udall?." I said heck ya! It has been so stressful though. Elder Boyer doesn't know the area at all and so I'm expected to know where everything is and where to go but I still don't know the area that well either. Funny Story: Remember my first day out in the field when I knocked on a door and a guy came at me with a samurai sword thing? Ya we did that same prank with Elder Boyer! So Brother williams and I had it all planned out. I told Elder Boyer that we were going to see a referral from a member and that the member was nervous for us to go over there because the guy was " he might have murdered someone crazy." Elder Boyer was like "Then why are we going over there Elder Udall?" And I said that I just felt like trying it. So we walk up and I knock on the door. Then Brother Williams comes out with this chain whip thing and starts yelling at Elder Boyer and swinging it around! Then ELder Boyer just took off running!! it was so funny. Boyer wasn't to happy about it but Brother Williams and I laughed so hard. Anyways....things out here have been a little stressful. We have been doing everything we can. We are always staying busy trying to find and work through members. I feel like the Lord is still trying to teach me some important lessons first......I just take forever to learn because I'm stubborn. Anyways cool story: Last night Elder Boyer and I were saying companionship prayer and we got a call from one of our investigators that we were just about to drop because he hasn't been keeping any commitments. So he called us and he like "I have been thinking about everything and I decided that I need to get baptized." This was such a miracle becuase our last lesson we had with him a couple of days ago he pretty much said he doesn't care about anything were saying. I don't know what happened but I know it wasn't me or my comp. Searcy is the hardest area of the mission though. Boyer came form Memphis and he was like in shock because of all the anti that is here and how hard it is to talk to people here. Without miracles like that we would be so screwed. But the Lords hand is evident everyday in this work. Thanks for all the letters Merrill family and Grandma and Grandpa Wellman!! They made my day! I'm so grateful for all of you!     

New Companion this week! But staying in Searcy!!!

New Companion
Elder Udall and Elder Boyer

whats up fam? So your getting a lot of rain over there eh? Thats what I like to hear! Thunder storms are crazy over here!! It will be a sunny day and then all of a sudden its just going buck wild with rain and thunder and lightning!
Elder Udall, Colton Wilson, and Jason Analla

But ya Colton and Jason came to my apartment wedesnday night!! I was like in shock! It was so crazy!

So this week we had transfers! Elder Tate is in East Memphis now! My comp came from memphis and I had to wait for him all day so the whole transfer day I went on splits with Elder Merrill in Jacksonville! Elder Merrill is from Show Low and is Troy Merrills cousin or something like that! That was a weird experience. We met a guy who had gotten shot 6 times and he was showing us his battle scars in some....weird spots. Super awkward.
Elder Tate and Elder Udall
Wearing the Burger King Hats
He is still the same kid!

Monday, July 15, 2013

I dont think he will go hungry!! He loves the south!

The first one is of the HUGE burgers Bro. Davis made for me and Elder Tate a couple of days ago. The second is of the thousands of people at the river saturday morning fishing. thats all anyone does around here.

How was it? Sorry I didn't get a letter off in time for it!! I have been super busy. So transfers are on wednesday and guess what....we got a call this morning and my trainer Elder Tate is getting transferred! We don't know where yet though and I won't know who my next companion is until wednesday. I am so glad I am staying in Searcy! I hope I stay here for at least 6 months. I am getting really close to everyone in the ward and I love em! The whole ward is so missionary minded and always giving us referrals. Which is awesome because the best investigators are found through members. I'm pretty sad that Elder Tate is getting transferred though and he is too. We have become such good friends and we have had so much fun together. We are getting 5 new zones in our mission this transfer! Thats like almost doubling the size! My companion told President that I am ready to train but I don't think I will this transfer. I love Searcy though. This week I was able to really stregthen my testimony of the Book of Mormon. It answers everyones questions! Last saturday we went and visited a less active member whose wife has canver and is about to die. He wasn't very happy to see us but he let us come in. We started talking about life and I asked him if he felt like he knew Heavenly Fathers plan for him here on earth. He said he didn't know and that no once can know that for sure. So i flipped open to Alma 34:31-34 and he read it and we explained to him that trials God allows trials to happen in our life so that we can spiritually progress and prepare to meet him one day. That scripture completely changed his attitude and he came to church yesterday! it was awesome. I love teaching about the Plan of Salvation to people who are going through trials. Last night Elder Tate and I were tracting and we went up to this one guy that was sitting on his porch. When he saw who we were he looked really scared and started yelling at us to get away from him and to never come back. He called us devil worshipers! ha that was nice. Anyways thanks family for all your letters! It totally made my day! Thanks for everything you do for me! I love you all so much. I still have a lot to learn out here. I want to become a more effective teacher and I get frustrated sometimes but I know Heavenly father is just trying to teach me some things....mainly patience! Aunt becky thanks for forwarding macys letter to me! She is going to be the best missionary. Its impossible to meet Macy and not love her. She is awesome. Thanks for the Taco Bell gift card Laura John!! (I was really looking forward to cold beans though) Anyways I love you all. I hope you are all taking time out of each day to have a spiritual experience with studying the scriptures. I also hope that you are praying for missionary oppurtunities all the time. Nothing can bring more happiness into someones life than sharing the Gospel with others. 

O ya and people aroound town keep telling us there is a pic of me and Elder tate in the searcy newspaper! so you should try to find it and tell me what its about!

Mom I have to go but I just want to let you know how much it meant to me to get letters from our whole family. I love it. It gives me the drive to be a better missionary and it reminds me how blessed I am. I love you. I love our family. Your the most amazing mom ever and I am so grateful that Heavenly Father let me be in this awesome family.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Camera Lasted for Six Weeks!!!! I still Love this Kid!!!

Hey Fam!
How was the fourth? Did a bunch of cousins come? How the heck did the udalls let the meadors and coveys win the game? Disappointed. Anyways this week was pretty awesome!! My 4th was so much fun! Elder Tate and I got to spend most of the day with an investigator fishing for trout on the Little Red River! We each caught like 12 it was pretty sweet. Sad story though: I dropped my camera in the river......its kind of broken but not all the way. I can't take pictures but I can still turn it on and stuff. Anyways we fished with him pretty much all day and then taught him about the BOM. That night we went over to a members house where we had burgers and lit off fireworks! It was sweet. So the other night Elder Tate and I were at the hospital visiting a member when we saw this guy who looked really worried so we asked him if he could use a blessing from God and he said no but my mom could. So he took us into the hospital room where his mom was and the whole family was there. The mom was in critical condition and was about to die. So we gave her a blessing and it was awesome. The spirit was in the room so strong. I felt the power of God while giving that blessing and I just knew everything was going to be ok. So after giving the blessing we taught the family a little bit about the priesthood and the Plan of Salvation. The next day we went back to the hospital to see that girl again and we found out that she was going to die within the hour. It was really sad and that whole day I felt terrible. I had so much confidence that the blessing would heal her but I guess it just wasn't Gods will. Anyways a couple of days later the member who we went to go see at the hospital in the fist place called us and told us about a nurse that stood in on the blessing and was really impressed with all that we did and wants to start taking the discussions! The lord works in mysterious ways! Another cool story: So on saturday the day started off slow and nothing was going our way. Elder Tate was hungry so we decided to stop at a subway and when Elder tate was ordering all the workers were asking us questions about what we do. They then started telling us all their anti-mormon   stuff they read on the internet and the weird rumors about the Book of Mormon. The manager was telling us how much he hates the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. So I went out to the car and got some extra Book of Mormons and we taught 3 subway workers the Restoration lesson right there in subway. The manager even participated and was asking questions and wanting to know more. Afterwards we gave them all a Book of Mormon and we have a return appt. with one of the workers later this week! It was sweet. The spirit was definitely there. Without the promptings of the spirit this would be a hopeless work. I am a terrible teacher but when the spirit is there it doesn't matter because it can do the teaching. Anyways did you know Grandpa Sherwoods brother is in my stake? There is so many Sherwoods here its crazy! They all know Grandpa Sherwood and I have met two of them that knew Grandpa Udall! Small world. Also did you know badger is training Brandon Nicoll? How crazy is that! Grandma Wellman thank you so much for that letter! I needed it! And thanks for the package Mom and the letter Kate! It was sweet! How did ryans passing league stuff go? How is Kylies career as a pizza chef going? Tell me everything. I hope you all are remembering to read your scriptures every day. Thats the best way to start off the day. I love how much I am learning out here! Alright people don't forget to write!

Love Elder Udall

You all wrote letters to me?!! Yes! Christmas in July!! And mom being a ward missionary is such an important calling.  study PMG! especially chap. 6 christlike attributes! Elder Tate and I have been doing that and picked one each day that we are going to work on. I am getting to know my savior so much more by doing that. its awesome!! I love being out here mom. I am finally started to realize the power and authority of my calling. I love it. I love giving blessing. I gave a blessing last night to a guy who is a nonmember but we are teaching his wife and he doesn't want anything to do with it. anyways his friend just commited suicide and so we offered a blessing of comfort and we gave him one and afterwards he was crying and just opened up to us. I love the gospel. I love out family more than anything. and I love that we get to be with each other for eternity. I hope you all are trying to attend the temple regurlarly.

Hows it going Dad? Hows the summer up in RV? are you working with the mare
at all? I heard you lost in a footbal game on the 4th. thats embarrassing.
hows being ward mission leader? Man thats such an important calling. We
work with our ward mission leader so much. hows ryan doing with sports?
hows kylie doing with goobs? its so awesome out here. Sometimes its hard
not to get discouraged though. I want to be such a better missionary than I
am. So it makes me mad when I am not having as much success. I have no
patience out here and neither does my companion! Thats one thing were both
doing this week is chap. 6 of PMG. CHristlike attributes!

Monday, July 1, 2013

First Baptism!

Dear Fam,
Hows it going? Is Macy really nervous for the MTC? Because she shouldn't be! It is the most spiritual place ever! But I can't blame her for being nervous because I get nervous for everything. Before every lesson I still pace around and stuff like I did before football games! Its crazy stuff! Man this week was awesome. I went on exchanges with the zone leaders last Tuesday and I was with Elder Bell. We were able to set 2 baptismal dates within like 2 hours together. It was sweet! So this last week I was able to use the priesthood a lot! I love that God trusts us with that kind of power! I went to the hospital a few days ago with Elder Tate and was able to give a blessing to a guy that got his finger bit off by a hog. Ok cool story time: So we were in a lesson with one of our investigators and she has had a rough life. We taught her about the priesthood and asked if she wanted a blessing and she let us give her one. While we were giving her that blessing I could just feel the burdens she was carrying. She had so much stress. But after the blessing she was crying and we asked her how she felt and she said she has never felt that way before. Her countenance had completely changed and she just seemed happier. The priesthood is truly the power of God and through it we can work miracles as long as we are worthy and have faith. I know that now more than ever. Cool story: We saw this really tall African American man walking down the street so naturally Elder Tate and I go talk to him. At first he was scared because he thought we were the cops, but then we explained to him how were missionaries. He told us he played college ball at Arkansas University and played in college against Derek Fisher, Manu Ginobli and Shaq. This guy is like 6'10" so I believe it! He told us he was Baptist and I told him that he should just be Mormon and he said "I smoke to much weed to be a Mormon." So that was nice. Also last Saturday night we had a baptism and I was able to baptize a Tracy Conyers and his daughter! It was the best experience I had yet on my mission. I know they were baptized into the true church of Jesus Christ here on earth today. I felt it. I have had the opportunity to watch there family grow closer together and become truly happy as they have been taught the Gospel and have been baptized. Its so crazy how the Gospel is able to change people. I can't wait for them to get sealed in a year! Aunt Becky: Your the best!! That package was the most awesome thing ever! I loved the cookies and the letters form your family! Grandma Slade: Thanks for the letter! It was exactly what I needed! I love you all so much. I miss you too but I love it out here. I love my calling. I love the atonement. I know that through the Gospel of Jesus Christ we can be TRULY happy on this earth. Not any of that fake temporary worldly happiness that the world has to offer. This Gospel is the only way we can find joy through the good and the bad times. I hope you all are having fun in AZ! Everything is so green here its ridiculous! I love it here. The only bad parts is its humid and there is just all sorts of mosquitoes and stuff everywhere. Elder tate is awesome though! we are having so much fun. And ya please send those letters that the primary kids wrote! I love letters!! Mom I seriously love my mission though. its the best thing that ever happened to me. I still have so much to learn but I am learning!I gotta go. I love you.