Called to Serve

Monday, October 21, 2013

These pictures crack me up! I didnt get one picture with him in it! Maybe next week!

Elder Udall's Study Desk

Elder Udall's Wall

Sign Elder Udall made for his investigators.
He said people always walk in and out of their house during lessons.
They told Elder Udall they use the sign even when the missionaries arent there.

Hey there!
So it sounds like yall have had a pretty good week. Mine was one of the better weeks I have had on my mission, and one of the harder ones. It seems like those always go hand in hand.

Anyways this last week has been full of ups and downs. So last monday we were planning on having a lesson with our investigator that night about repentance and why his baptism needs to get pushed back a little bit due to some issues. It was kind of a make or break deal. He hates talking about it so I was worried he would get offended or lose hope or something. So I fasted that day that the Lord would prepare him for what we had to tell him. I was so nervous for that lesson! I was pacing around everywhere in our apartment in fear of getting dropped by an investigator that we have gotten so close too. Well when we got to his house, right away he just started talking about how grateful he was for this gospel and the chance he has to start over. He told us that he was willing to do anything for it and he was pretty much just teaching us the lesson we had to teach him about repentance. So when we told him about the probation stuff he understood and was ready! The Lord completely prepared him for that lesson! It was awesome.

So he has to wait a little over a month before he can get interviewed by Pres. Petersen to get baptized but he is doing good! His wife is doing good to! Last week we brought her the 15 step no smoking program, cinnamon mouthwash, grapefruit juice, and a kool aid pie! The first 3 things were for her to quit smoking. The kool-aid pie was just to cheer her up! And not to toot my own horn but.....I make a pretty mean kool-aid pie! Anyways She can get baptized just as soon as she quits smoking!

Elder Spencer and I have had so many tender mercies this week! So on Wednesday we had an appointment to teach this girl, and I lost the address to her house! I knew the general area though so we went over there and decided to just knock every door until we found it! Well the first door we knocked on wasn't it, but the lady who answered started talking to us and I asked her if she had ever heard of the Book of Mormon and she said that she has read it! So then I asked what she thought about it and she said she knows its another testament of Jesus Christ! This completely took me off guard and so I said "wait.......what?" and she was like "well isn't it?!" and I said ya it is! ha She is a methodist but we are going to go back and teach her more this week!

Elder Spencer and I have made it a goal to talk to everyone we see this week no matter what! No matter where we are or what the situation is and how awkward it might be!.....and believe me sometimes it has been awkward. ha ha but awkward moments make for good laughs!

Anyways...a lot has happened this last week. I wish I had time to tell you all of it. Elder Spencer is learning quickly and is starting to come out of his shell. The Searcy area is just awesome. Tonight we are having dinner and a lesson with an investigator family we found last week and tomorrow night we are teaching a friend of our Stake Presidents inside his home. It was awesome because President Berkheimer went out with us saturday night and all of the sudden he pulled out his phone and called his friend and asked him to come over to be taught by the missionaries and the friend accepted. Good stuff! Anyways I love you all and hope you are searching for those missonary oppurtunites everyday!

P.S. I got a letter from Semore! it was pretty cool. it has been getting pretty cold here at nights now. I am getting myself a jacket today for sure.