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Monday, November 11, 2013

Jessica is Baptized!

So......I don't know what is happening to me next transfer....but I have heard a lot of rumors! A lot of things are supposed to change. Other Missionaries in the mission have been calling me all day to see if i know anything.  Bishop Mcgrath wanted me to ask President today in my email if I could stay one more so I did. I am having anxiety about it though.

So this week has been probably the best week of my mission so far. JESSICA WAS BAPTIZED!! It was amazing. It was the best feeling I have ever had in my life. I wish you could have been there to witness the spirit that was there.

Funny Pre-Baptism Story: So we were setting up for the baptism and it was going to start in about 5 minutes so everyone started trickling in. Well we invited one our investigators I told you about in one of my first letters. The one who thought his door was locked so he started trying to knock it down and then we went and just turned the knob and opened it for him....ya he is a big man about 35 years old. Well he came and was in the bathroom and i guess he got confused and instead of coming out the way he came in he went in the baptismal font door and fell in!! He was soaked from head to toe! So we had to run him home and get him changed before we started! He was pretty embarrassed about to lighten the mood I went up to him and said " if you wanted to get baptized you should have just told me!"........ha ha ya that didn't help.

Anyways after that little pool party we started the baptism and it was the best service. Bishop is the one that baptized her and she was just crying and smiling the whole time. Towards the end we had Chris bear his testimony and I have never felt the spirit so strong when he did. This is a big black dude, former gangster/hustler, hardened in the Little Rock ghetto, and he was up there crying and saying how much he loves this church and the Book of Mormon! It was so spiritual. Jessica shined. She was a beam of light. Chris waited for her to get changed after the baptism and when she came out they hugged for like 5 minutes straight. It was the best day ever. And their friends were there and they felt the spirit so strong and that night we had a lesson with them and now they are getting baptized on the 23rd!! What a miracle! This work is hastening. I seriously don't think I have ever seen a happier day than Saturday. I was exhausted that night from all the excitement. Now I got an idea how Ammon felt. I am just happy!! I love you all and thanks for all your support. Happy Veterans Day Grandpa! I love you all so much.