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Monday, July 29, 2013

He sent us this picture after i posted the letter. Kinda Scary but thought it would make great memories so adding it to the blog!

remember to always do CPR. (church, pray, read.)

Happy Birthday Dalton!!!

Mi Familia!
Waddup Arizonans! So you got a new puppy huh? That is awesome! How was your 24th? No one even knows about that holiday up here!! O hey Mom you should check my FB and see if there is a message on it! We had dinner with a less active family last night and for some reason Sister Creameans looked me up on FB so I said she should write a message to you on it! ha anyways.....this week was pretty good. Elder Boyer and I pretty much dedicated this whole week to finding new investigators. Ones who have the sincere desire to come unto Christ. We are doing everything we can to find them. I really hope we can soon because I have seriously grown to love the Searcy ward and the members in it and a lot can be done to strengthen this ward. Is Macy really learning Mandarin?! That is awesome!! I know she will be good because she her and Christie kind of put off that Asian vibe already! So yesterday Elder Boyer and I were at this ghetto apartment complex talking to people and we talked to this one guy that is a straight up gangsta! We taught him and his wife the first lesson and it was really cool. Surprisingly they were well versed in the bible. We started talking about the Book of Mormon and how its a record of the ancient inhabitants of America and they were like "You fo' real?" They told us how they were just wondering the other night why Jesus came to the people in Jerusalem but not the people in the Americas. They had a lot of questions and were super excited. I love the Searcy area. Its pretty ghetto in some spots though. A guy got shot a couple blocks down from us two nights ago. Our investigator that I was telling you about last week is doing good! His name is Luckeon and he came to church yesterday again!  Thanks for your prayers! Elder Boyer is a really good missionary and is teaching me a lot! He has been out for a while so he knows his stuff! We are nothing alike. We do not have any of the same interests but somehow we get along really well! I have high hopes for this transfer! So last Tuesday for zone training Pres. Petersen came to Searcy and he was comparing everything we do to breaking a colt! It was my kind of meeting! Pres. Petersen is the most humble guy I know. He's a boss......literally...of me. Anyways I hope ryan had fun at camp! Has Kylie had fun this summer? Is she excited for EA? I love that place! Hows Kate doing? Cammie im sending you a letter today!! Thanks for all your prayers everyone! I am praying for you everyday. I love you all!! O and Happy Birthday Dalton!!

Thank you so much. and thanks for writing. Mom.....I have really come to know of the power of fasting this week! it is amazing. Fasting is such a simple way to show our faith in God. I love this Gospel and I am so grateful that I have parents like you and dad that brought it onto our home growing up! You da bomb mom!

side conversation:  He tried to play a trick on me!

O and by the way.....remember that camera I dropped in the river.....well I dropped the one I just bought in the toilet..

ha ha hahahahahahahahah no shicko! I was just kidding I didn't drop my new camera in anything! actually the camera I dropped in the river works again!! isn't that stupid? so now I have 2 cameras...