Called to Serve

Monday, September 16, 2013

My sister got her Mission Call!

OREGON?!!!! THATS CRAZY!! She is going to love it!! Wow and she reports on New Years huh? That's pretty wild. I am so excited for her!! She is going to be such a great missionary. I am going to try to write her this week!

So this last week has been a roller coaster ride. We had our first zone meeting on Tuesday! Elder Boyer and I wanted to make it fun and motivational so we decided to have a theme......and it was super heros! ha ha It was pretty cool. Anyways President Petersen always makes acronyms for everything so Elder Boyer decided to base our meeting off the acronym SUPER. S- studies, U- using the Book of Mormon, P- prayer and fasting, E- extending invitations, R- relying on the savior. We decided that those things are what made a "Super Missionary" and so we based our meeting around those 5 things and went into depth about each one of them. I was pretty nervous to have to talk for an hour in front of the whole zone but I wasn't that nervous until President Petersen showed up! Him and Sister Petersen just walked into the meeting right when it was starting. I guess sometimes he just drops into zone meetings unannounced and of course he goes to the first one I am in charge of. It ended up being really good though thanks to the spirit. He loved the little activity we did too. We borrowed a long rope from one of our members and during the zone meeting we had everyone go into the cultural hall. We called up Sister Jardine (the smallest sister ever) to play tug-o-war against Elder Duron and ELder Cassler (2 of the bigger elders in our zone). Of course she lost so then we explained how she could not be a super missionary on her own. She had to do those five things. So we had 5 Elder with the letters S-U-P-E-R on their chests go on her team and help her and they won. Cheesy I know but it got them all into it and President and Sister Petersen loved it! So ya the meeting ended up going really well and President said it was one of the better ones he has been too and he is going to steal our acronym form us! ha ha

We didn't go on exchanges this week though because it was bike week for us and we didn't want to have to make someone do that. This bike week wasn't that bad though! The whether this last week has been so nice! There has been almost no humidity! It reminds me of fall up in Eagar.

O did I tell you 2 of our sisters have gone home for mono? And another one is about to soon! Elder Boyer and I gave her a blessing last night and I am pretty sure she is taking off tomorrow. I really hope Elder Boyer and I don't get it.

So last wednesday before ELder Boyer and I left our apartment we said a prayer together and asked to find someone that day who has been prepared for us. As we were riding our bikes that afternoon...nothing was happening! We had talked to so many people and had door after door slammed! Then we saw this guy sitting on his porch and we rode our bikes over to him and started talking to him. His name is Tony and We invited him to the church that night to play basketball with some of our ward members. He came and brought 2 of his friends! He was scared to go in the building at first but we got him in and he loved it! He came to church last sunday too and stayed for all 3 hours and participated a lot in gospel principles and Elder quorom. Our ward did such a good job of fellowshipping him. After church our Elder quorum president Brother Brown (the coolest member ever), ran him down and invited him to family home evening for tonight. So tonight I am going to teach Tony and his family the restoration at Brother Browns house! I am pumped! I say I because Elder Boyer won't be there. he has to got to Cabot and stay with one of our Elders that has the chicken pox.

Earlier this week we had a dinner appointment with some investigators that was really good. They are a young couple and they both teach at Harding. They know there bibles really well and we taught them about the Book of Mormon and they committed to reading and praying. They made us the best brownies ever too!

Also we had a lesson in Bro. Busbeas home. He is in the stake high counsel over missionary work and we taught 3 investigators in their home on Friday night. The spirit was really strong, especially when Bro. Busbeas family started bearing their testimonies at the end. I know all 3 of the investigators felt the spirit. It is amazing to see the spirit change a person during the course of a lesson. One of the 3 investigators excepted a baptismal date and we are working with the other 2. I love teaching in member homes! Family.....I hope you are constantly inviting missionaries to have lessons in your home and investigators to come be taught in your homes. Lessons are so much more effective this way. When you are teaching the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in an environment where the spirit already dwells, miracles happen! This is why its so important to center your homes around Christ and constantly be having family prayer, scripture study, and home evening. You can tell if families are doing these things from the moment you walk into a home. That's why I am so grateful the Busbeas are doing those things! They provided a perfect environment for the spirit to teach. Man I love missionary work!

This is a picture of a football plate of food that Brother Davis made for me.  He is one of the coolest members ever!  He and Dad would be best friends!  They both like the same things, Football, Working, and Food!  He is so Cool!  That is one guy I am really going to miss when i am transferred.                                                                    

Anyways I love you all. Congratulations Zach!! Feel free to write and tell me about the ol' ball and chain. Family, I love you all. Thanks for all the support you give me. Aunt Becky thanks for keeping me updated on Macy! She is amazing. Grandma thanks for writing me. That letter meant a lot! And thank you great grandma Slade for the card! Talk to y'all in a week!