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Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey family!!
So you are having some bad weather over in AZ? Well it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows here either. It has been a pretty cold week, not to mention it was bike week for us! Other than the weather it was a really good week for Elder Spencer and I!

First off....last friday was my 6th month birthday for my mission! So I got to burn a tie that night for the sake of tradition! I cannot believe its been 6 is going by way to fast! Anyways we have had the chance to see some miracles this past week.

Have I told you about our new investigators? They are Chris and Jessicas friends and ever since Jessicas baptism we have been working with them to get baptized, but before that they have to get married and before that she has to get a divorce from her last marriage. We thought it was going to take a couple months for all of this to get over and done with but we have been praying for it to speed up and yesterday She told us that she talked to the judge and it should only take a week or so to get it done! They are really excited to get married and baptized! Chris and Jess are just the best missionaries ever. They talk to everyone about the church! I love them! But ya so they are doing good.

Michael Scott wasn't able to come to church yesterday and we are still trying to figure out why. I hope he didn't accidentally step on a George Foreman!

We started teaching this guy  a couple of weeks ago and he came to church last week. He lives out in the middle of nowhere, he is about 50, and he owns about every gun you can get!  He is awesome to talk to though and is very interested in the Book of Mormon. The guy is really lonely and he has really lost hope in his life. This Gospel is going to change him. He is actually a referral from Ken Slade in the Quitman ward. He said he is related to all the slades in Arizona! Then again I think everyone is related to the slades in Arizona.

Bishop asked me to speak in sacrament on repentance yesterday and it was pretty fun. I love the whole speaking in front of people gig for some reason. Anyways remember how I used to have like anxiety and butterflies all the time before sports games? Well believe it or not I get that a lot out in the mission field too. It happens when I think about the goals we have and how bad I want to accomplish them! I start getting super stressed and Elder Spencer knows when it happens because I start walking around our apartment really fast and biting my nails. I hate when I get like that! But i realized when I get like that is when I think of my inadequacies and weaknesses. In my personal study a couple of days ago I read 2 Nephi 4. This is my new favorite chapter. In it Nephi is stressing hard with his weaknesses and shortcomings. But in verse 19 he turns his thoughts from himself to his savior and the stress goes away! Thats they key. Going from self to savior.

Well I am excited for this next week! Thanksgiving is on thursday so Elder Spencer and I get to play in the turkey bowl and we are getting fed A LOT that day! Its going to be sweet! Alright family thanks for all your support! Thanks for the letters! They mean a lot! I love you all!