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Monday, July 22, 2013

The rest of the letter!

Anyways i picked up my new comp Elder Boyer that night! He is a boss. He's from Provo (shocker) and he has been out 14 months! So before I left the mission home on transfer day one of the AP's Elder Marchant came up to me and said "You ready to take over the area Elder Udall?." I said heck ya! It has been so stressful though. Elder Boyer doesn't know the area at all and so I'm expected to know where everything is and where to go but I still don't know the area that well either. Funny Story: Remember my first day out in the field when I knocked on a door and a guy came at me with a samurai sword thing? Ya we did that same prank with Elder Boyer! So Brother williams and I had it all planned out. I told Elder Boyer that we were going to see a referral from a member and that the member was nervous for us to go over there because the guy was " he might have murdered someone crazy." Elder Boyer was like "Then why are we going over there Elder Udall?" And I said that I just felt like trying it. So we walk up and I knock on the door. Then Brother Williams comes out with this chain whip thing and starts yelling at Elder Boyer and swinging it around! Then ELder Boyer just took off running!! it was so funny. Boyer wasn't to happy about it but Brother Williams and I laughed so hard. Anyways....things out here have been a little stressful. We have been doing everything we can. We are always staying busy trying to find and work through members. I feel like the Lord is still trying to teach me some important lessons first......I just take forever to learn because I'm stubborn. Anyways cool story: Last night Elder Boyer and I were saying companionship prayer and we got a call from one of our investigators that we were just about to drop because he hasn't been keeping any commitments. So he called us and he like "I have been thinking about everything and I decided that I need to get baptized." This was such a miracle becuase our last lesson we had with him a couple of days ago he pretty much said he doesn't care about anything were saying. I don't know what happened but I know it wasn't me or my comp. Searcy is the hardest area of the mission though. Boyer came form Memphis and he was like in shock because of all the anti that is here and how hard it is to talk to people here. Without miracles like that we would be so screwed. But the Lords hand is evident everyday in this work. Thanks for all the letters Merrill family and Grandma and Grandpa Wellman!! They made my day! I'm so grateful for all of you!     

New Companion this week! But staying in Searcy!!!

New Companion
Elder Udall and Elder Boyer

whats up fam? So your getting a lot of rain over there eh? Thats what I like to hear! Thunder storms are crazy over here!! It will be a sunny day and then all of a sudden its just going buck wild with rain and thunder and lightning!
Elder Udall, Colton Wilson, and Jason Analla

But ya Colton and Jason came to my apartment wedesnday night!! I was like in shock! It was so crazy!

So this week we had transfers! Elder Tate is in East Memphis now! My comp came from memphis and I had to wait for him all day so the whole transfer day I went on splits with Elder Merrill in Jacksonville! Elder Merrill is from Show Low and is Troy Merrills cousin or something like that! That was a weird experience. We met a guy who had gotten shot 6 times and he was showing us his battle scars in some....weird spots. Super awkward.
Elder Tate and Elder Udall
Wearing the Burger King Hats
He is still the same kid!