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Monday, November 4, 2013


Hows it going family?! Sounds like everyone is doing awesome! I love Kate's Halloween costume. Thank you so much for that package! I ate so much of that candy already! It was sweet!! (pun intended)

Anyways this week has been super awesome!! So My favorite investigator put a picture of me eating a neck bone on Facebook eh? ha ha funny stuff.

Last Tuesday i had District Meeting and it was......not that good. ha It was alright but just not as good as the first one. My ZL's and President Petersen and Sister Petersen came to it again! So I was pretty nervous. Everything went ok though. President loved my SALSA acronym and asked if he could use it. He is big on using acronyms too.

Elder Spencer and I have been humbled and blessed so much this week. Those things tend to go hand in hand. Its to the point where I get a little excited anytime we have a trying or humbling experience because then I know something awesome is about to happen! ha ha its weird. Anyways Elder Spencer and I were in a lesson with our investigator last friday and we were teaching about the importance of temples and why we have them. So we were giving our little spiel when all of the sudden she interrupted us and said "I guess I will just get baptized this saturday. There is no use in waiting." She was originally planning on waiting to get baptized when her husband does but she told us she does not want to wait! This totally took us off guard! All week up to that point we were trying to explain to her the importance of not waiting and she just wasn't budging. So we just decided to  back off about it. But then out of nowhere she tell us she should get baptized next saturday!!! We weren't even talking about baptism or anything! It just goes to show you that its not the missionaries that help people change and progress.....its the spirit! I wish you could see the change that has taken place in her. She is a totally different person from when we first knocked on her door. When we first started teaching her husband she wouldn't even come out and listen to us and she thought we were crazy people that were part of a cult. She was also just...never happy. She was truly just sad all the time. She is so happy now!! She and her husband just have a glow about themselves now and its amazing to see how their countenance has changed!

Anyways when she said she was going to get baptized I was like in shock......and then i did kind of a yell for joy and then got up and did a little touchdown dance and ya.....ha ha I couldn't help myself! The spirit was so strong in the room! was less strong when I started touchdown dancing but it was just awesome! I am so grateful I get to be here when she gets baptized! I sat behind them at church yesterday and kept trying to get them to bear their testimony. I told them i would make them caramel cakes (their favorite) if they did, but they wouldn't. ha ha

Things are going awesome here though! The trunk r treat was great and we were able to find some new investigators there! I have so many stories to tell you guys. Miracles are taking place out here in Arkansas! I'm sick of typing though so I'll just tell you them in like 2 years or something. Anyways thanks for everything yall do for me.

O one more story: This week was bike week and we have this rough dirt bike trail we go through as a short cut. Elder Spencer is not an experienced seasoned rider yet, and we were riding the trail at night and so I get through the trail and look back and my comp is no where to be found! So after trudging through the great Arkansas wilderness I was able to find him and he had ran into a thorn bush and got cut up pretty good. So after a short-lived laugh we bandaged him up! ha ha ELder SPencer is a good guy! He is really starting to adjust to missionary life and I love training him! Thanks for everything family!! I love you all. Thanks for the letter Camz, Kate, and Ryan! Preciate it!   

Eating Neck Bone

Elder Udall placing the Book of Mormon