Called to Serve

Monday, March 31, 2014

Elder Boyer is my companion again!

 Elder Udall,  Elder Davis and Sister Wilkins!  Loyd and Lisa Wilkins Neice!
Elder Boyer, Jessica and Chris Cooksey and Elder Udall

Elder Udall and Elder Boyer


Its been another crazy one down on the Rock! This week was pretty awesome! So first off we had transfers this week which was too bad because we got the call the Elder D was getting transferred. It took forever for us to find out who really was getting transferred though because on the morning of calls the AP's asked to talk to me and told me i was gettin transferred, then after they had me convinced they just jk and told Elder D he was getting transferred. Than 2 housr later they called again and said "Ok Elder Udall I cant keep this going any longer, you are getting transferred." Then they called me back and told me I wasn't again. After like 3 more times of that I finally figured out I was staying! 
So....we are at transfers and I hear my name get called! I find out that i'm going to serve with........ELDER BOYER! Again! Crazy eh? This is his last transfer so he asked if he could serve with me as his dying wish. So the dream team is reunited and we are starting transfer #3 together.We are still the zone leaders of the Little Rock zone. By the way we hit our zone goal last month for baptisms which was sweet!! Our zone did really well. 
O ya Chris and Jess came to the transfer meeting with the Mcgraths. When President spoke at the meeting he spoke about Chris and told him how some things are worth waiting for. After he announced that Boyer and I would be serving together he said "And yes you can go to Chris's baptism." So thats pretty exciting. Chris's sister lives in Little Rock! So we are setting up a time that we can go over there so she can feed us/we can teach her! Chris and Jess are going to hook us up with more refferrals of family they have in Little Rock I think! They are the bomb.
On friday, weekly planning day, Elder Boyer and I had some appointments in the morning so we didn't have time to weekly plan. So in the afternoon when we were less busy we pulled into some old lot and planned in the car. Well like halfway through the sesh I look up and there is 2 cops on the sides of our car. So I roll down the window and show them the tag. They looked pretty wierded out that we were just chilling there planning. They told us that we picked one of the worst spots in Little Rock to just stop and park because car-jacking was a daily thing in that intersection. So they asked us to move. ha ha it was pretty ghetto. 
We had some bomb lessons this week!! We are getting members out with us which makes all the difference!! It really does. A members sincere testimony can really enhance the spirit of a lesson. Last night we taught a man named Ethyl about the gospel of Jesus Christ and we focused on repentance. Repentance is my favorite principle to teach/study/apply. It is one of the principles that was changed and distorted the most in the apostasy so people normally don't know how to do it properly. I love teaching this process! It seems like the spirit is extra thick when we do. Ethyl is a really humble guy who sincerely wants to change. He loved repentance!
Yesterday I gave a talk in sacrament about the power of the scriptures. One of my favorite scirptures about scriptures is Jacob 2:8! Its pretty sweet. Jacob called the scpritures the"words which healeth the wounded soul." They really do though. I have seen a verse of scripture change peoples outlook on their life. One of my favorite parts about this whole mission is the hour a day we get to personal study. Man I never though I would say that but I love it. When you pray for the guidance of the spirit as you study you can always find those answers you need.
Thanks for the letters Merrill family and Christie!! You are the bomb!!