Called to Serve

Monday, July 1, 2013

First Baptism!

Dear Fam,
Hows it going? Is Macy really nervous for the MTC? Because she shouldn't be! It is the most spiritual place ever! But I can't blame her for being nervous because I get nervous for everything. Before every lesson I still pace around and stuff like I did before football games! Its crazy stuff! Man this week was awesome. I went on exchanges with the zone leaders last Tuesday and I was with Elder Bell. We were able to set 2 baptismal dates within like 2 hours together. It was sweet! So this last week I was able to use the priesthood a lot! I love that God trusts us with that kind of power! I went to the hospital a few days ago with Elder Tate and was able to give a blessing to a guy that got his finger bit off by a hog. Ok cool story time: So we were in a lesson with one of our investigators and she has had a rough life. We taught her about the priesthood and asked if she wanted a blessing and she let us give her one. While we were giving her that blessing I could just feel the burdens she was carrying. She had so much stress. But after the blessing she was crying and we asked her how she felt and she said she has never felt that way before. Her countenance had completely changed and she just seemed happier. The priesthood is truly the power of God and through it we can work miracles as long as we are worthy and have faith. I know that now more than ever. Cool story: We saw this really tall African American man walking down the street so naturally Elder Tate and I go talk to him. At first he was scared because he thought we were the cops, but then we explained to him how were missionaries. He told us he played college ball at Arkansas University and played in college against Derek Fisher, Manu Ginobli and Shaq. This guy is like 6'10" so I believe it! He told us he was Baptist and I told him that he should just be Mormon and he said "I smoke to much weed to be a Mormon." So that was nice. Also last Saturday night we had a baptism and I was able to baptize a Tracy Conyers and his daughter! It was the best experience I had yet on my mission. I know they were baptized into the true church of Jesus Christ here on earth today. I felt it. I have had the opportunity to watch there family grow closer together and become truly happy as they have been taught the Gospel and have been baptized. Its so crazy how the Gospel is able to change people. I can't wait for them to get sealed in a year! Aunt Becky: Your the best!! That package was the most awesome thing ever! I loved the cookies and the letters form your family! Grandma Slade: Thanks for the letter! It was exactly what I needed! I love you all so much. I miss you too but I love it out here. I love my calling. I love the atonement. I know that through the Gospel of Jesus Christ we can be TRULY happy on this earth. Not any of that fake temporary worldly happiness that the world has to offer. This Gospel is the only way we can find joy through the good and the bad times. I hope you all are having fun in AZ! Everything is so green here its ridiculous! I love it here. The only bad parts is its humid and there is just all sorts of mosquitoes and stuff everywhere. Elder tate is awesome though! we are having so much fun. And ya please send those letters that the primary kids wrote! I love letters!! Mom I seriously love my mission though. its the best thing that ever happened to me. I still have so much to learn but I am learning!I gotta go. I love you.