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Monday, August 5, 2013

Bike Week!

you cant really tell but I am soaked head to toe in this picture! we rode our bikes home in the worst storm ever last night! it was so much fun!

Hey Yall! (yes, I just said yall)
Hows the family doing?! Kate I heard you made the 7th grade softball team! BEAST MODE! You must take after your oldest brother. So ryan starts 2 a days this week huh? That sucks. ha ha I am so excited for his season to start! Thanks Kate and Ryan and Mom for your letters this week! And also Kendall and Jersey and Jagger! I love getting letters! So I am not going to lie this week was no walk in the park. We were on bike week this week and when it wasn't raining it was dang hot! On Friday I forgot to put my water bottle in my backpack before we left the house and I got super dehydrated. It was not cool. This week was still jam packed with tender mercies though. On monday night Elder Boyer and I took a member out with us to Meadow Lake apartments, we call it ghetto lake because its really sketchy. Anyways we went over there and taught these 4 people about the BOM and challenged them to read. Then when we were leaving the complex we walked passed these Ghetto lake gangsters playing ball and I was like hey I got a deal for yall. (yes I said yall again) And I said "If i make this 3 yall have to listen to a message about Jesus Christ." they all agreed so I took the ball, took off my backpack, and shot it and drained it! It was pretty lucky and it would have been really awkward if I didn't make it, but hey it worked out. They were true to their word too and we all 8 of them gathered around and Elder Boyer and I taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ right there. Probably not our most successful lesson but it made for a good time. Anyways Elder Boyer and I have been working hard on finding the elect and we have been able to find some great families that I really want to progress. One of the families invited us wakeboarding on saturday!! I wanted to call President and get special permission from him but Elder Boyer said we shouldn't. One more cool story: We were knocking doors saturday and we knocked on this one house and this girl answered and right away she was trying to kick us off her porch. We quickly explained that we were representatives of Jesus Christ and that we just wanted to say a prayer with her. She agreed to this so we asked her if she had any family or friends who needed a prayer. Then the tears started flowing! She explained how her dad just died and her brother was having drug problems. So we went in her house and said a prayer and I could hear her crying as I said it. She was prepared. It really helped me realize how much people need this Gospel. Everyone needs it but a lot of people don't realize it yet. I love the chance I have to study and learn more about this Gospel everyday. The Plan of Salvation God has made is for everyone. No matter who you are or where your from or what you have done, we all have the exact same oppurtunities. We all have the chance live with our Savior again and our families again and to be happy for eternity and it is ONLY through the atonement that this is possible. President Petersen said that we need to learn to love to repent. We should be using the atonement everyday to become better and to overcome our weaknesses because this life is the time we have to do it! And its short. Sorry to go off on that rant but I just want to testify that I know Jesus Christ suffered for everything personal sin, pain, and guilt we have ever experienced. Through him we can become perfect even as he is! Anyways family I love you all so much. O and by the way I will send a picture of me soaking wet in a minute! Elder Boyer and I got caught in a rain storm last night on our bikes and we were like 8 miles away from our house!! ha ha alright I love you all. Don't forget to write!