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Monday, December 9, 2013

Bad Weather Week!

Hey Family!!

Hows the weather out west? It has been so crazy here!! It has just been a wild week. So to start off we had district meeting again on Tuesday where I decided to focus on PMG chapter 9. I really tried to emphasize working with the members because i know this area will never reach its full potential without are members kicking it into gear! So we decided to get a little creative with our finding and I am excited to try some new stuff! Anyways on wednesday it was like 80 degrees as a high, Thursday it 45, Friday it was 30. So it got cold pretty quick, not to mention Elder Spencer and I were on bike week. So it was snowing pretty hard on friday. President said he didn't recommend that we go out but it was up to us. So after it stopped snowing Elder Spencer and I got on the bikes and started working. There was no one outside! No one. This town shuts down when it snows. The roads and sidewalks were really icy though and it was no cake walk riding bikes on that stuff. Anyways we went to one appointment and when we came out my bike brakes were frozen. Then the back tire of my bike wouldn't even rotate anymore for some reason! So I couldn't ride it. By this point in time we were on the far side of town away from our apartment and our next appointment. No businesses were open and no one was driving so their was no chance of getting a ride. So I dragged my bike and Elder Spencer walked with his behind me and we walked across town in the snow to bike city where we locked them up in front and then walked 8 miles to our next appointment. It was unfortunate because we wasted a lot of time but it was alright. The next couple of days after that the roads were thick with ice! They don't have any snow plows or salt to get rid of it with here because this rarely happens. So getting from appoitment to appointment was quite an adventure!

Did I ever tell you about Kesha? Kesha who is an investigator we found, who really actually found us. We were knocking on her neighbors door when she came out and asked who we were and asked if we could come teach her! Since then we had not been able to get a hold of her but a couple of days ago she called us and said she really need us to come over. So we went over and taught her and her brothers the restoration. It was awesome. The spirit was so strong.

So anyways church was cancelled yesterday because of the ice and so President Berkheimer had a mini sacrament meeting at his house. It was just his family, Elder Spencer and I and Chris and Jess President wanted there but I asked if Kesha could come so she came too! So yesterday morning we had a sacrament meeting where me and Kevin (his son) spoke about being disciples of Jesus Christ. Jessica also bore her testimony of the restoration and it was so powerful. After the meeting was the best part because Elder Spencer and I were talking to Kesha about the Book of Mormon and then Chris and Jessica came and pretty much taught her all about it and told her how much of a comfort it is in their lives. I have't experienced more joy on my mission then in that lesson when I was just watching this take place. Jessica was just baptized last month, Chris is still waiting to get baptized. 2 months ago we were teaching them and they really were different people. Now they were teaching one of our new investigators about the restoration and inviting her to come over anytime to have study with them. What a blessing. I never felt so much pure joy in my life!! It was so great! Kesha now has a baptismal date for the 21st! So this week has been pretty awesome!

O and last night we were walking down the street and this guy picked us up and gave us a ride to our appointment and on the way their we taught him about the church. He said he had  bunch of friends that were returned missionaries. He owns the frozen yogurt factory here and said to come by on tuesday to tell him more! This last week we have found new investigators from helping from shovel their driveways, getting peoples truck unstuck, and getting rides from people! Its been sweet!  I love you all and thanks for everything. Thank you for the package!!