Called to Serve

Monday, November 10, 2014

He will go before our face and be on our right hand and our left

Man that is crazy! I bet it killed Ryan to not be able to play in his game. Do you know how long it will take to heal?

This last week has been pretty crazy. Elder Daley and I have met with President Wakolo to go over the transfer board 3 times over the past week. We usually don't start on this stuff so early but this next transfer is going to be a nasa trip from outer space. We have over 20 missionaries going home on December 2nd and only 10 coming out and then we have about 17 more going home on December 16th, they are going home early for school and all that. So basically we have to close 12 areas next transfer. Its going to be a roller coaster so we are getting all strapped in now.

One thing that I have really tried to become better at lately is recognizing and following the promptings of the spirit. That has been one of the main focus's of my studies and prayers. The inspiration came from reading up on President Monson and all the stories about how he has received and acted on spiritual promptings that ended up being answers to peoples prayer. Anyways the other night Elder Daley and I were going to an appointment with an investigator and they were not home. It was pretty dark outside and the neighborhood we were in was not exactly the nicest part of town but we heard down the street someone sweeping their porch. The most subtle thought came to my mind that we should go talk to that person and so we did. It was actually 2 people, a married couple. The wife was sweeping the porch and so we went up and started talking to them and immediately began teaching. We told them we had a message and asked if we could come in and share it with them and they let us. They let us in and there is a whole batch of kids in the house! The mom told us she just had a baby a week ago! So we taught them the restoration and really focused on families throughout it all and it was awesome. They were an answer to our prayers because we have been praying to be led to a family that's ready for the message. There is no way I can ever deny how much Heavenly father is involved in our lives. He will go before our face and will be on our right hand and
on our left. Its our job though to remain worthy and ask, seek, and knock.

Last night we were at Presidents and we told him about the saltine cracker challenge. He said he could do it easy and so we put his Fijian confidence to the test. Elder Daley and I and the whole Wakolo family tried it, even Sister Wakolo. It was the most hilarious thing. I will send you the video!