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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lots of Miracles this week

Hey there! How goes it?
Over here in good ol' Searcy things are rockin and rollin! This last week was all really good except for saturday. Saturday was not fun. But ill tell ya more about that later.
Last tuesday after specialized training we went on exchanges with the Batesville elders. Elder Hoggan stayed in Searcy with me. It was pretty sweet. At the beginning of the exchange we were going to visit some investigators when I had a very subtle prompting to go to this former investigators house across town. So we did, his name is Justin, he is a baptist music minister and a hard core steelers fan. Despite that he is pretty cool! He took us back into his studio for the lesson and before we could get started he hopped on his keyboard and started singing some  "soul power" tunes to us. It was kind of awkward but funny at the same time. We had a throw down lesson with him about the BOM. He was not keeping his commitments to read. So we got a little bold with him and helped him understand the importance of it. He committed to read the Book of Mormon in 30 days! It was sweet. The exchange was great.  I love being able to work with missionaries in my zone.
So we were planning on having a baptism this Saturday. President Petersen drove down sat. morning to interview them. The interview went well and they both passed! We just need to get them married first So we ended up having to cancel the baptism. It was depressing stuff. They are getting married this next week though so we resheduled the baptism for next friday.
We are also having a baptism for our investigator Cassie for next sunday. Cassie is legit! So one of my favorite things about missionary life is the whole setting goals deal. In a mission we set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. Its fun getting competitive with it! Elder Soelberg and I set a zone baptismal goal this month that we have been working like crazy to achieve. Things were looking rough at first but some crazy miracles have happened that have helped this past week in our zone! I will tell you one. A guy named John just moved into an area in our zone. He had already been to church once and wants to be baptized! He is very elect and prepared! He moved from Arizona and he was introduced to the Gospel by Monty Sherwood! I dont know who that is but thats pretty awesome! The Sherwoods were an answer to my prayers once again!
Other crazy miracles have been happening in the areas of the zone and things are looking great! One last story: Last night Elder Soelberg and I had an hour left on the day and we had no idea what to do. We tried everything in our planner and we were out of ideas. So we decided to do that whole praying thing thats such a fad in missionary work. After we said a prayer I opened the planner and looked at our weekly goals. We were one short of reaching our member present lesson goal for the week! So we tried to think of a part member family we could see. One came to my mind that we have tried to contact before but it never worked. So we went over there at 8 30 pm and they let us in! Its one of the nicest families I have ever met. The mom is a member is is the ward mission leaders daughter and she has not been to church in years. The dad is not a member. We talked and taught and had a great lesson! We told them that we were prompted by the spirit of the Lord to come to their house. The spirit was so evident! We are now going to teach them again next tuesday night! Prayer works! I have learned and can testify that in my experience its always the smallest most subtle promptings that bring mighty miracles.
 Anyways I love you family. Thanks for all your support. Thanks trevor and truse for the jerky and letters and the sexy pen. Thanks grandma and grandpa for your awesome letters. They meant a lot! Let me know how Kylie is doing!