Called to Serve

Monday, September 2, 2013

Seven New Investigators!

Hey what's up family! So what is up today?? This is elder Boyer!!! I am serving with your son elder Udall all I gotta say about him is that he is the man the myth and the legend he is tearing it up here in Searcy. People actually like him considering that he is a red head. But hey we're gonna baptize soon so don't worry about us were Doing good! Keep it real. E. Boyer.

Hey this is Elder Udall now! So this is going to take forever to type because I'm doing it on bishop Mcgraths iPad! Anyways.......are Kylie's papers really in? That's crazy!,! I am going to have to guess..........Argentina! Or somewhere in South America for her. That's exciting stuff!.

So this week was awesome/busy/stressful! Elder Boyer and I got called as zone leaders so we have a lot more responsibilities now. And it's pretty much impossible to get to bed on time! Some awesome things happened this last week though! I got a blessing from a woman! Ha ha crazy story. So we met this girl and she told us she has read the Book of Mormon 3 times and knows its true and we were like.....sweet! So we went back to teach her a couple of days ago and it turned out she was pretty....interesting. We having a hard time convincing her that she does not have the priesthood and like halfway through the lesson she just stood up and started like giving me a blessing. It was so weird. I didnt know what to do so I just sat there.

Last Thursday was really awesome though! Well at first it wasn't because all of our set appointments dropped that morning. So we decided to fast to find investigators with real intent and since we had nothing else to do we walked neighborhoods that whole day and worked straight through lunch. We found 7 new investigators that day and got return appointments with all of them! On a Thursday afternoon! Which is typically the slowest part of the week! I know without a doubt that when you make sacrifices and humble yourself The Lord is going to do his part. It was seriously a miracle. We also  were able to find a family this week,  Luwayne, Lashinda, and D'aveon! They are really nice and sincere        
And they came to church with us this last Sunday! The craziest part is that Lashindas mom moved here last week from Denver and she is a member and we just happened to find them that same week!! This is why without the spirit this work would be hopeless. I know Heavenly Father led us to that family.

Arkansas is so much fun to live in this time of year!!! On Saturday  EVERYONE had Razorback shirts on. Seriously everyone in town. And everyone had razorback stuff on their lawn and porch. It's like Christmas for college football! It is so cool! Anyways how's is everything going in RV? Sounds like Ryan's game was a nail biter! How is Kate doing in middle school? How does Kylie like EA? Cammie I wrote you last Monday and your letter has been in my back pack all week! I am sending it today! How's Christie and trev doing with school? Give me the details! I love you all so much. I miss you but there is no where I would rather be, and nothing I would rather be doing. I love this Gospel and the hope and happiness it gives people! I have seen it change people out here and bring quality into homes and families

You asked if i had to travel alot more.  Yes! as a zone leader i go on exchanges every week with the district leaders in my zone and i go on one with the AP's. this week we are going to jacksonville. i am supposed to help them and give them advice and stuff on these exchanges but out of everyone in our zone i have been out the least amount of time so i dont know what i could possibly teach them!

Kylie is Gosple Doctorine Teacher! she better not be flirting with anyone! especially thatcher boys. i did my first baptismal interview a couple of days ago. it was awesome. it was for this girl in lonoke who is about 18. i told her she was awesome and she said i am the 2nd person to ever call her that. i asked who the first was ans she said the missionaries who started teaching me. it made me sad because she has a hard life but she is an awesome girl! she also prayed for the first time at the end of our interview. she didn't want too but i told her i wasn't leaving until she did! ha it was good stuff.

thats so cool! dad is awehnfhbdbrhbfdgtrhfdbcjhfngchgsgmdxjfjhcvjmkjhvhgmdfhgmxkyxmhgcgjhxk,c h,gcmhfgzhnlskadvnl/askjnvl/sjadbvl/jasdbvl/asjdbvl/asjdbv/asjldbvl/sajdbvls/jdbvwl/jdBVWd/hiouhjmgxymhckhcvkjb hey elder udalls mom this is elder boyer your sons companion. yeah I am pretty cool. But your son is cooler than i. love ya lots. elder boyer.........lkadsbfjhasdvfjhlsbfjkvbszkvjbsdjkvcbsdkjvb sakj kjsb kjasbvckjsadcb vbksjavksjvb kjasdfvhgsaoudbfhlaksdvbnkja/sfdbvkasjd.vbkasjdvbaslj/dv
hey sorry! elder boyer stole my computer! i gotta go though! I am so grateful for you and dad and your examples! i hope you are able to have a missionary lesson in your home soon!

Tell Cammie i am sending my letter today!! man I love that girl! she is going to be the best mom one day!! I love you all so much! Later!