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Monday, June 24, 2013

He's been out for a month!

Waddup Fam!
Whats the good word in AZ? Life is going good out in Searcy! This week had been pretty rough though actually. For some reason our some of our top investigators were just falling off the face of the earth. Thats the frustrating part about missionary work. We have been doing more finding than teaching this week because we haven't been able to get a hold of a lot of our investigators. I know its going to turn up though! We were talking to Bishop Mcgrath about it to see if there was anything we can do better and he said sometimes we just have those weeks. I know it was just a trial of our faith but Elder Tate and I are doing everything I can so I know it will get better! I did have one awesome experience last Tuesday night though! So we went on exchanges and so I went to Heber Springs with Elder Parker who I was in the MTC with. We were both only 2 weeks out! Anyways we went to this girl named Bobby who is about 60. She is awesome and super humble. We taught her a little of the restoration and she told us how she feels different every time we come over and talk to her about the Gospel. She said that she wants to feel that way all the time! We explained to her how it was the spirit and how she can have the constant companionship of it after baptism. She was still skeptical about getting baptized so we tried "Pray Now." And we asked her if she would say a prayer right then to know if this church was the true church of Jesus Christ here on earth today. She told us she didn't know how to pray and so we told her to just say whats in her heart. The spirit filled the room! Her prayer was so sincere and afterwards we told her to decribe how she felt and she was at a loss of words! It was the craziest experience I ever had. I know without a doubt the spirit was speaking to her. Its hard to describe but I could just kind of feel how much Heavenly Father loved her. Elder Parker and I are no where close to being good teachers but when the spirit came into the room a miracle happened. Being out on a mission really gives you a different perspective on life. It shows you whats really important and what is a waste of time. Anyways how was your farewell Macy? I am so excited for your to go into the MTC! You are going to love it so much. Its like disneyland for missionaries. but out in the field is way better! Christie I am so jealous of you for going to Yellowstone. Cammie write me a letter! Can you believe I have already been out for a month? This is going by way to fast already. I still have a lot to learn but I am having fun learning it all. Dad-did you go to the broadcast thing last night? It was awesome. Its so cool that you and Mom are ward missionaries. They are seriously so important. Mom- your the best mom ever. Thank you so much for that package! That was just what I needed! That seriously made my entire day so much better! Elder Tate and I finished those oreos in like 2 seconds. Anyways you all better write me and tell me how everything is going! Remember to take time out of everyday to do the IMPORTANT things. Study the scriptues, say family prayers, all that good stuff! I can't meet with Bobby again! Because I was on exchanges last week and thats not in my area! Im like in depression about it! I love her and only knew her for like 20 minutes! I am definitely going ot her baptism though! Mom I am going to send you a picture of these 4 kids that Elder tate and I freakin love. We are teaching the Mom right now. Her kids absolutely love us. Sunday morning we went over there and woke her and her kids up and helped get the boys ready. Let me send some pics.

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