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Monday, August 12, 2013

5 New Families!!

Whaaaats up Family!
So you went up on the mountain without me eh? Just save all the good stuff for when I leave why don't ya! ha ha It looked like a lot of fun! So school starts today? Wooow that summer went by quick! Anyways this week was great! Our finding efforts are finally paying dividends for us! We have found 5 awesome families that we have taught this last week!! I love teaching families. There is on in particular that is awesome! We felt impressed to go knock on their door one night and so we did and the Dad (Darryl) answered and we started talking and he is like the funniest dude ever. We set up a return appointment for Saturday. When we went over there last Saturday they had bought us pizza and made us Iced tea! Obviously we didn't drink the tea but they were just super nice and they had so many questions. The wife (jessica) is really smart. She teaches at Harding University and unfortunately in order to work their you have to be a member of the Church of Christ. So that kinda sucks but the Lord will help us out with that one. Anyways they have a son named Alex that is 7 and he loves Elder Boyer and I. When we came over on Saturday he ran into his room and put on a white polo shirt and a clip on tie because he wanted to look like us!! ha ha Seriously though that family is awesome. Darryl is really in to college football and hunting and so we clicked from the start! He told me after my mission that he is going Elk Hunting in AZ with me. Darryl and Jessica have 3 kids together and they are just awesome. We left them with the commitment of reading the BOM and praying to know if its true. Please keep them in your prayers! We have been blessed in finding a few other really good families that want to know the truth. Last Tuesday we went on exchanges and one of the zone leaders came down to Searcy with me. it was awesome. We taught a couple of lessons and then we had a dinner with a member. That's where the day started being.....not awesome. We had a dinner with a less active member so I just figured since i was in charge I would find the house by looking at his address on the ward roster and using the GPS. Turns out he had moved and it wasn't the right address so we found out from another member that he moved out to Letona (the styx) but no one really knew the exact address. So we drove out to Letona and started knocking doors. We met some interesting people out there to say the least. Everyone is afraid to talk to us out there because they think were the cops! Anyways we were able to get one of our awesome investigators, Chris, to church yesterday! He is the baller that played AAU ball. He stayed for all 3 hours and loved it and is going to play basketball with the ward on Wednesday night. Antwan promised us he would go to church too. he had promised us for the last 3 Sundays and we always tell him we are going to give him a wake up call. Yesterday morning Elder Boyer and I pounded on his door for like 10 minutes and then started knocking on all his windows and stuff and nothing happened. it was pretty frustrating. he is a super cool guy though and he has been reading the BOM and he likes it so far. So was Kate excited for school today? Hows Ryan doing with football? Is Kylie excited for Thatchnasty? How long are Christie and Grizzly Adams in AZ for? When does Cammie start school? Keep on writing people! I love and appreciate it. Thanks for your letters Grandma and Grandpa. I love you all and I hope you all are remembering to read the scriptures everyday and have sincere prayers to build that relationship with your Heavenly Father. See ya!  

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