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Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy Birthday 21 years old!! Lots of pictures today!

Hey Hey Hey!!
Can you believe i'm 21 today? Because I sure cant. Thats just crazy stuff. The Elders chorum president Brother Brown took us out to IHOP this morning and it was really good! So this last week was pretty dang awesome! I went on exchanges with my zone leader in Cabot and that was a lot of fun! Elder Boyer and I were on bike week this week and it was really hot and humid! I never sweated so much in my life! Its a lot easier to get in peoples doors that way though because you just ask them if you can get a drink of water and they invite you in and then BAM! Your in. So we did that a lot this week. So President is going buck wild with transfers right now. He is keeping everyone on there toes. As 2 days ago I was supposed to go to downtown (sketchy ghetto) Memphis but I didn't get the call this morning! I think I am staying here another transfer. The zone leaders told me they think Elder Boyer and I are going to be the new zone leaders but I don't think so because I already talked to President on the phone today and he didn't tell me anything about that. Him and sister Petersen just sang happy birthday to me! ha ha So I guess I am staying here one more transfer but I dont know anything else about it. last week Elder Boyer and I were out knocking doors in this neighborhood and we found this girl that going to Harding right now and she let us in! SO we explained to her our purpose as missionaries and set up a return appointment with her for last night. And before we left Elder Boyer told her it was going to be my birthday on Monday! So after the baptism last night we went over there and she had made me a whole plate of cookies for my birthday! O ya! It was crazy that she remembered. The sisters have been working with this 9 year old girl named Anna who is really smart and I was able to baptize her last night! It was awesome. This week wasn't as successful as I would have like it to be. It can get hard some days when things fall through and you feel like your not being effective with your time. I have learned a lot about why the Lord puts us in these situations though. I know that He is teaching me how to rely on Him. One thing President always says is "Pray like it all depends on the Lord, and work like it all depends on you." I know that is true. I have really been able to see the power of revelation this past week. I know that we can all receive personal revelation for ourselves and parents can receive revelation for their families. Earlier this week I was frustrated because we had a hard day and it felt like we were not being productive at all. So I prayed and asked what I needed to change about myself to become more effective. I then started reading my patriarchal blessing and I totally received revelation form Heavenly Father. It was awesome. If you haven't read your patriarchal blessing in awhile I would definitely recommend it! The work here is going good though. Darryl and Jessica are progressing and both reading and praying about the BOM. They haven't got an answer yet so we explained to them a little bit about the feelings of the spirit and are preying that they get that answer soon! We are teaching a guy that played 4 years of basketball at Harding and he is so good! He is really humble too and started reading the Book of Mormon as well! Thanks for the new shoes mom! They are awesome! And thanks Laura John for the package you sent! ha ha ha I loved it!  Hey hows Macy doing? thanks for forwarding her letter to me Aunt Becky! She sounds like she is loving it! And by the way.....the cookies were awesome! My comp and I loved them. SO how did kylie like her 1st week of college? How is the rest of the fam doing? Cammie I am going to write you soon! Thanks for everything that was sent to me! it made my week!! Thank you Uncle Dennis for all you sent me too! I am so grateful for you all. This is an amazing birthday. I am so grateful I get to be out here right now. Even though its not all sunshine and rainbows the rewards definitely outweigh the work! Its so worth it. Helping people come closer to their Savior is the most fulfilling thing we can do here on earth. If someone is having a hard time being happy I would suggest that they serve someone else. Do what the Savior would do. I know that He lives. I know that Heavenly Father wants us to reach our full potential. Without trials we could never do that. If we choose to make our trials a stepping stone and not a stumbling block then we can become the person that God had in mind for us and we will be prepared to meet him someday. I love the peace of mind the restored gospel brings. Anwyays I love you all. Thanks for all you do for me. UDALL OUT!    

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