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Monday, October 14, 2013

Elder Udall and Elder Spencer

Elder Boyer, Kevin Berkheimer, Elder Udall

Kevin Berkheimer. the stake presidents son. He is going in his mission pretty soon! He always goes on splits with us and stuff and we eat at his house like 3 times a week. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMZ!! How was it? Did ya do anything crazy? Did Grandpa call you and tell you that you're grounded?

 My week was pretty dang awesome! Elder Boyer left me and got transferred to Hot Springs. On Wednesday I went to North Little Rock where I picked up my son!!! His name is Elder Spencer from San Diego Cali. He is a pretty cool dude! He is like an exact twin to my former roommate Ty Stroupe. He is really smart......electrical engineer major.....robotics team captain....the works! Its crazy how smart this guy is! He also knows his stuff about the Gospel so that's nice. So on Wednesday when we got back to Searcy we went straight to the apartment and dropped off his bags and then went straight to work! So Elder Spencer is kind of a shy guy, and he was like in a trance his first day. So naturally the first thing we do is go out street contacting. The first house I take him to is Brother Williams, for the sake of tradition. Brother Williams and I pre-planned this. So I tell Elder Spencer that this house was a referral and that the guy here is known to be a little crazy. So we walk up and Elder Spencer knocks on the door and then Brother Williams comes out with this huge samurai sword and yells at us and I take off hoping that Elder Spencer would run to but he just stood there all brave and what not. He wasn't even scared!

 Anyways the rest of that day we went walking and talking to EVERYONE! This was pretty hard for Elder Spencer because he is just really really shy but he stuck it out. There was one instance on that first day where it was pretty awkward. So everyone told me before I started training that no matter how awkward it gets when my greenie is talking to someone (or in my case not talking to someone), that I can't intervene because he has to learn how to do it himself. So at this one door we knocked on this person that opened it and asked who we were and then it was just silent......for like 30 seconds.....and I was just standing there looking at Elder Spencer....and he didn't say anything! ha ha so then the lady just closed the door. ha ha Elder Spencer has been doing so good though! He has been working to overcome his fears and has really improved! I love training. It has taught me so much already and has pushed me to know the doctrine better and be completely focused. Elder Spencer's testimony has strengthened mine and he has definitely helped me! We have absolutely nothing in common but I have already learned to love the guy and am grateful for the chance I get to help him! 

 Our investigators are doing good though. Chris and Jessica are the bomb!! I love them. They have progressed so much. They read the Book of Mormon on their own together and they always talk about getting sealed in the temple now. Last Tuesday me and Chris had a mormon rap battle and it was sweet! The video of it is on Elder Boyers camera though so you may not ever get to witness my skills.

 One of our investigators named Patrick was supposed to come to church yesterday but didn't. Then he texted us at 4 in the afternoon and said see ya at church! ha ha He thought the service was at 9 at night instead of 9 am. So i just told him we had a service at 6 pm that he should go too. So he ended up coming to our mission prep class night for all the priests! He was so confused! But we ended up teaching him the Plan of Salvation afterwards and the spirit was able to testify to him! We are now trying to help him prepare for baptism by helping him quit smoking. Its the best thing ever to watch the spirit change your investigator! Nothing could make anyone happier than helping someone find this gospel and use the atonement. (Alma 29:9) Thanks for the letters you have sent me! Thank you for everything. I love you all and appreciate the support. Austa!

Part of an email to DAD:

Kylie is going to be such a good missionary. I saw a picture of Ryan and he
already looks so much different.he looks way older. its alright though
because i can still beat him up. training is crazy. its fun and it has
helped me become a better missionary. So when are you going to sell the cows soon? are you still
really busy at work?
I gotta go. I love you. thanks for eveything. can you keep my investigators in your prayers for me? I really want them to get baptized.


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