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Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Birthday to Kylie!!!

Happy Birthday Kylie!! I can't believe you are 19.......that is a little weird. You seem to short for such an age. Well I hope it was a good one.

 Man I wish I could remember all that goes on during the week. My record-keeping has been pretty sub-par lately. I haven't cracked open my journal in a good minute. Things have just gotten so busy! This week we had Zone meeting which I was thankful for because I didn't have to be in charge of it. President and Sister Petersen came to it also! In the meeting we were being instructed on teaching and the ZL's called Elder Spencer and I up to role play teaching in an investigator about prophets as a demonstration. It went well too! Elder Spencer is really coming along as a teacher! All we do in companionship study is role play over and over and it has really helped! My son is making me proud!

Anyways we have had some miracles happen this week. On wednesday morning right before we left the apartment for the day we had a companionship prayer where we asked specifically for the Lord the lead us to someone who is prepared and to help us recognize them. Well 5 minutes after that prayer we went over to a potential investigators house and she opened the door and it looked like she had been crying. Well...she had. She said that right before she heard us knock on the door she was like talking to herself/praying and asking for something to change her. She explained to us how she always went to church growing up with her family and how everything was going great and then she made a couple of wrong choices. She got with some bad influences and things started spiraling down. She said she really felt like was at the point of no return. She couldn't forgive herself for what she had done so she felt like she couldn't be forgiven. We taught her about the atonement and the how it is able to take any burdens, guilt, and sin away from us. I really did feel the love Heavenly Father had for her as we taught her on her porch. She truly had what Christ requires of us in order to use the atonement, and that is a broken heart and contrite spirit. The lesson was awesome and she is reading the Book of Mormon right now. Heavenly Father is preparing his children for us every minute of every day! That experience estalished that truth for me.

One more awesome experience: Elder Spencer and I taught a woman and her two children the restoration last saturday night. In that lesson the spirit really helped us know what to say. I think it was the best lesson we have taught together up to this point. But anyways at the end we talked about baptism and she actaully asked us if she could get baptized!! It was insane! That never happens to us. It was awesome though and it is only because the spirit spoke to her.

Ok last cool story and then I am done. So we are teaching this guy that is going to Harding and he is majoring in bible ministry and in his senior year. So ya he knows his stuff about the bible. Anyways we were teaching him about how Heavenly Father has a body of flesh and bone. He quickly referred us to John 4:26 where it says "God is a spirit." Well we went to that and then saw the JST that says that its actually saying "God promised his spirit." Well naturally he did not believe the JST so he went to his back room and got his Greek translation bible which is older and more accurate and in that version it said the same thing that the JST said! The guy was so taken back by it! It was awesome! Its crazy how the changes in the bible have had that much of an effect. Where we can't even be sure of the true nature of our father in heaven. This is why the Book of Mormon is so important. It establishes the TRUTH in the Bible and expands on it. 1 Nephi 13:40-41.

Anyways thank you Grandma Udall and Nelson family for the letters! It means a lot! I love you all!

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