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Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving was a success!


So this week was crazy. Full of meetings, food, revelations, eggs, and schizophrenia. Allow me to explain. So first of all I had district meeting on tuesday. We went over chapters 10 and 11 of Preach my Gospel. I tried to really emphasized overcoming concerns through listening and asking questions and finding underlying concerns. I did a demonstration where the missionary had to guide the investigator through an obstacle course to baptism. The catch was that the missionary only knew so many concerns (obstacles), and the missionary and the investigator could not communicate and the investigators had a blindfold on, and just for fun I threw and egg and a spoon in there. Anyways long story short the missionary was unable to get the investigator to baptism because he didn't know all the concerns because he didn't ask questions and listen. It was a really weird way of showing the importance of those two things. Anyways it was fun.

Afterwards I went on exchanges with Elder Soelberg who is my grandfather! He trained Elder tate and was in Searcy for 7 months!

So on Thanksgiving we had the turkey bowl in the morning! It was sweet! I wish I would have brought some cleets! It was fun a lot of fun though. Chris came and had a lot of fun. After that we went and ate our first meal with the rinners and berkheimers! Then we went and ate with chris and Jess! Then we went and at with the Raineys! We had 3 thanksgivings! It was quite a battle. The last place we went to, I was already full, and they made my plate for me and piled it up. It was a rough go but I did my best. We also had a lesson that night at the Raineys with 3 non members and it was sweet!

That night we went to teach an investigator. So he has social anxiety, bi-polarness, and schizophrenia. So It is kind of different teaching him. But when we went over thursday night he told us that he had gotten an answer and knows the Book of Mormon is true! So we set up a baptismal interview on friday night. Well friday night comes around and the zone leaders drive an hour and a half to get here and he never shows up. So the next day we see him at work and we stop in and talk to him and he said he had family issues to take care but wants to get baptized on sunday. So we set up the interview again on saturday night and he shows up 30 minutes late too it. Well right before the interview we go over the word of wisdom to refresh him on it and he commits to live it, right in front of the zone leaders. Then during the interview when they get to the word of wisdom he says he isn't going to live it anymore! And he just committed to me 10 minutes before to live it! Then my zl Elder Durham said that he must live it in order to be baptized and he got mad and walked out! So I was really dissappointed up to that point because we weren't having a baptism. So then he shows up to the church the next day and tells me he is excited to get baptized that day! I was like "you can't get baptized today, you are not ready." Then he got mad at me and left. Just as mysteriously as he came.....he left. It was a wild weekend.

I had my interview with President this week. It was awesome. He told me to read Alma 5 and Mosiah 5 at the end of the interview. I read it a few times this week and received some pretty heavy revelation! I love this gospel. Anyways I love you all and am grateful for your support! Thank you for the letter Nash! And thanks for your letter Uncle Dennis! 

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