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Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter

Hey Kindred! Happy Easter!

This week was a great one. I remember hardly any of it but I am pretty tired today so it must have been a good one! Missions kind of go day by day. Some days everything is just working out and you love life and you just want to stand on a tower and preach the good word, King Benjamin style. Yet there is some days where it seems like its just rejection after rejection. What I have realized though is I learn the most from those hard days. Its because of days like that I have truly come to a better understanding of the Savior and his sacrifice. One of my favorite scriptures in the Book of Mormon is 1 Nephi 19:9. It describes what the Savior went through daily and why he went through it. I am so grateful for his loving-kindness and his longsuffering. 

On wednesday we went on exchanges with the Benton elders and I stayed here with Elder Matthews. He is a convert to the church so it was cool to talk to him about what things are like from a different perspective. We had a good time on the exchange and he got to have a classic Little Rock experience! Within an hour of our exchange we were walking down the street saw these cars swerve everywhere almost hitting a tree and then these 2 guys got out and started cussing and yelling and almost got in a fight. Elder Matthews was freaking out! It was funny. Then we were parked on the side of the road because I was talking to the assistants on the phone when these 2 dudes that were walking away from us kept looking back at us all suspiciously and I don't mean to judge but they didn't exactly look like law-abiding citizens. Anyways they both turned around at the same time and started walking really fast towards us and Elder Matthews freaked out and was like "Drive Elder Udall! Drive!" ha ha ha it was funny stuff. 

Elder Boyer and I were able to get 6 people to church last sunday which was awesome. It was a really spiritual sacrament meeting. Robert came! He is the guy that looks and talks like Morgan Freeman. He should be getting baptized this Saturday as long as he is quit smoking. His big problem was drinking. Its been over 3 years since he went a day without drinking but now he has been sober for a week! I know it was because the power of the Priesthood. We are also hoping to baptized Carsha this weekend. She is so cool! We have an awesome member who fellowships her! Members really make all the difference. 

Last night we went to a member of our wards house who THREW DOWN some dinner. It was sweet. We had lamb which was awesome and a bunch of other stuff. They would not let met stop eating. They kept putting it on my plate. So out of respect and sheer proper etiquette I  chowed down! It was a good easter.

Thank you for the package! It made my day! I love the tie! Thanks for the card Grandpa and Grandma!

Stay classy everyone.

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