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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I hope you had a good one! Thats awesome/dangerous that you talk to all these moms of missionaries! I know how moms love to talk about embarrassing stories and share baby pictures and what not. 

This past week was good im sure. I dont remember any of it! We did go to memphis a couple of times though. One was for another Book of Mormon fireside and the other time was to do a baptismal interview! Elder Armstrong and I got to spend a little bit more time in our area teaching and it felt great! O so I got one story for ya: Last monday night we found out we had to drive to Jonesboro to pick up a car. I dont know what the deal was but the city was overrun with mosquitoes. We left the 2 car doors open for like 2 minutes and they were filled with mosquitoes! Really it was bad. So we killed as much as we could but we had to drive all the way back with those little demons flying everywhere in our car, and we didn't get back until 1 that morning.

It was a good week though and we have an investigator who is making good progress. She just gets anti really bad from co-workers. They just tell her she will get brainwashed if she keeps meeting with us.

This week we have specialized training meeting in Searcy Arkansas, Memphis Tennessee, and Southaven Mississippi. 3 states in 3 days! Crazy stuff. The good part about this is that we get to spend a lot of time with President Wakolo and his family. President Petersen and President Wakolo could not be more different! But they have both made a huge impact in my life!

Thanks for everything family!

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