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Monday, February 17, 2014

First Week in Little Rock!

LITTLE ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yup its true. I'm in the heart of it now. Its way awesome! My companions name is Elder Davis from Idaho! He's crazy! And by crazy I mean funny and awesome and a good missionary. We get along very well!  He is black so we got some soul power up in this companionship. He has been out for a little over a year. We are the Zone Leaders over the Little Rock zone! Which goes from Little Rock area and covers the whole southern Arkansas side. Its a really big zone.

So ya it was pretty sad saying goodbyes to everyone monday and tuesday. I could hardly go see anyone else though because Chris and Jess wouldn't let me leave! ha ha Chris has some family in Little Rock though so we are going to try and teach them. 

This week has gone by so fast. It has been crazy. So I got to meet some awesome investigators we have. One is name Jhonequia and her friend Gisheera just got baptized and she referred us to her. Jhonequia is awesome and she wants a change in her life and know she needs to get baptized. Her mom is super against it though. She goes to college at UALR so we teach her in the lobby there. She went home to Hot Springs this weekend so I hope her mom doesn't try to change her mind.

 Little Rock is a great place but let me tell is not all sunshine and rainbows. In the couple of days I have been here there has been 2 shootings! Its sad but kind of exciting! On Saturday Elder Davis and I shot some hoops in the ghetto with some straight up G's! We are going to comeback and teach them this next week.

The other night we were out knocking doors and one family let us in and they were so cool! There was 6 kids and they all had to craziest names ever. They told me their last name was Jordan and I asked if they were related to Michael kind of sarcastically and they said they are like 2nd cousins! It was awesome!

So on saturday we pretty much drove around the whole zone!! We had to fix the car share situation in our zone so we drove down to Monticello which is the south east corner of Arkansas then drove dropped it off in Camden, then took a tag to the southwest corner in Nashville and Hope. We had a crazy experience there.......and thats about as much detail as I can tell ya right now. Didn't Uncle Kelly say his favorite area was Hope? I went there!! Thats where Bill Clinton is from (sorry Grandma Udall). But ya I was about to throw Uncle Kellys name around a little bit in his old stomping grounds but I never got the chance.

Last night we got asked to go to the hospital to give this girl in the CCU a blessing. She was really sick and her body temperature was really low. She couldn't talk to us or move at all. All she could do was open her eyes and she could barely do that. Elder Davis and I were a little confused on what to do because no one was in the room except us and she didn't know us, nor was she a member of the church. So we walked up on the sides of the bed and she grabbed both of our hands. This is going to sound super weird....and I don't know what happened but when she did that I felt so much love for that lady. She looked really sad and even though we had just met she acted like she needed us there. Again, she couldn't talk but we asked her if she would like a blessing and she squeezed our hands really tight. So we took that as a yes and we gave her a blessing and as we did I just felt a whole load of compassion for this lady! It was crazy! After the blessing she had tears in her eyes and the spirit was really strong. We left her a Book of Mormon with with a note. Afterwards a bunch of nurses asked us what we did and where we were from. It was such a cool experience! The Priesthood is REAL!! Its so important to be worthy of that power. 

So Little Rock ward is pretty awesome. The people are great! They don't feed us to much or come out with us hardly at all so we are going to try to get that going! Anyways....I need to send some stuff home so I am going to try to get that done ASAP! Thank you for everything! Keep Little Rock in your prayers!

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