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Monday, February 24, 2014


Well.....this is all I got for ya this week, exchanges with Elder Jackson. This lady had a bunch of wigs (she love her wigs), she asked which one i liked best so i had to try them on just to make sure.

Hey Fam!

This week has been one of those good/crazy ones! Elder Davis and I went crazy on Tuesday with finding new people for us to teach! It was a warm day which made all the difference because when it is a warm day in Arkansas there is barbeques, basketball, and bible studies and every street corner! So we were able to find some cool families this week that we are going to go back and teach.

You know Neo? The rapper and singer?....ya me neither! But he is famous and we found his grandpa and had a nice little chat with him. People down here are awesome! They are so nice. They always invite us in for a cold glass of kool-aid and some food, and i have never been one rude enough to turn down food. But it creates a lot of finding opportunities for us!

So on Wednesday we had zone conference in North Little Rock and it was sweet! President Petersen......that guy is awesome. Everytime that guy speaks he makes me want to be better and reach my full potential. He spoke a lot to us at the conference about the Book of Mormon and the power of it. Here is the not cool part about being a zone leader: Elder Davis and I have to get up in front of everyone and instruct, and then role play teaching someone. This time we talked about something called "How to begin Teaching." Page 176 of PMG. Its good stuff. Its just about the first few minutes with the investigators, really setting the foundation for the lessons you will teach. 

Anyways after zone conference I went on exchanges with Elder Jackson down in Arkadelphia. Elder Jackson is awesome, not to mention he is Gladdys Knights grandson. But ya we had a way good exchange. President wanted us to focus on How To Begin Teaching so during the exchange we taught 12 lessons and 11 were How to Begin Teaching! The first lesson we taught was to this dude in McDonalds. He looked like he was having a doozy of a day so I asked him how things were going and he said "I've had better days." So we talked a little and he told me how he had been kicked out of his apartment because he couldn't make rent and he could not find a job. So Elder Jackson and I had a nice little chat with the guy where we taught him some restored truths and testified of the Atonement and Book of Mormon. At the end we invited him to be baptized and he said YES! So this is the crazy part. Seconds after he said yes the McDonalds employee came back and said that Wal-mart called and offered him a job! He said he had just applied a couple of hours ago. We helped him make the connection that as soon as he decided to follow the example of Jesus Christ he was blessed! It was sweet. Like 7 miracles happened on that exchange. It was crazy. 

So on sunday I missed church for the first time in a good minute. We had a meeting in Memphis with President Petersen, all the stake presidents of the mission, Elder meredith who is a 70, and all the ZL's and STL's in our mission. It was sweet! We had a council and set an area goal for baptisms. The meeting was really spiritual! Man if we just get the missionaries and the ward members working together the work will explode!! I have a whole new vision and outlook after that meeting. It was sweet!

So we are still working with Jhonequia to get baptized this week or next. She has a lot of opposition with her family but she is getting spiritual confirmations through the Book of Mormon. Pray for her please! Thanks for the Letters! Thanks for everything. Family thanks for inviting people into the home to be taught the Gospel. I know that true happiness in this life comes form applying the doctrine of Christ in ones life and inviting other to do the same. Have a great week!

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