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Monday, March 3, 2014

I got to visit Searcy for Branden and Sierra's Wedding!

Alright here is the low down on the week!

So........ First of all, I was listening to a talk by Elder Holland and it said something to the effect that we miss out on so many blessings and miracles because we simply do not ask, or we ask with doubt. So that being said, on tuesday I went on exchanges down to Hot Springs. It was pretty wild! I went with Elder Gollogher and we had a whale of a time! I wanted to make the exchange really effective and at the beginning we said a prayer and I asked that we would find someone that day that we could teach and baptize in 2 weeks. I really tried to focus on not doubting and just expecting it to happen. So we went to work and started talking to people but nothing was really going anywhere..... then that night our plans were wearing thin and we really had nothing else to do so the new Elder asked what we do in situations like this, so we decided to pray and immediately after the prayer my temporary companion had an idea pop into his head!

 He thought of a referral he got that had not been contacted yet. So we went to the guys house and taught him the restoration. As we talked about the apostasy everything just hit him! It all made sense to him. He loved the message of the restoration and he is getting baptized now on the 15! After that experience I realized the power in doubting my doubts and not doubting my faith!

 Another cool experience: 2 of the sister missionaries in our zone last wednesday night wanted us to go teach a family of investigators they had that they said were struggling! So we went over there and taught with the sisters. We talked about the Book of Mormon and it was apparent that these people had recieved major anti against the church! So we worked together to resolve concerns they had about the Book of Mormon. After all their questions were answered I knew it still wasn't going to be enough. So I told them the ONLY way they are going to know if this book is the word of God is by asking him. Then Elder Davis invited invited the mom to pray right there promising that she would receive an answer as she prayed. Well, it took a little bit of patience persistence and puppy dog eyes on the part of the missionaries but finally she decided she would ask. These are the moments that have shaped my mission. These are the moments and feelings and I am going to remember through out my life when trials hit or doubts arise. When this mom knelt and prayed she started saying the rote, usual sayings of a prayer, but then she talked like she was actually talking to her Father, and she asked if this book was really going to bring her to Christ. Everyone in the room recieved a spiritual witness of the Book of Mormon as she said those words! After she finished that prayer we sat in silence for a minute and then asked how she felt. She could not deny the peace in her heart and the clarity in her mind that she was experiencing! It was amazing! Kudos to Moroni for making that promise because It was fulfilled in probably the strongest way I have ever experienced. Its reality. The fact that when we pray we are talking to our Father, a Father we knew and had a personal, individual relationship with. The reason this Gospel changes people is because it allows them to experience the TRUE nature of God our Father and his son Jesus Christ. I wish everyone knew how involved he is in their lives.

Anyways I just feel so blessed to be able to have these experiences so often! O and guess what! Friday Night I got a call from Pres. Berkheimer and he said that he already got permission from Pres. Petersen to come get me and take me down to Branden and Sierras wedding! It was sweet!  I got to meet Chris's whole family there too!! It was so crazy being back but it was awesome seeing everyone! So Jessica gave her college professor a Book of Mormon!! Isn't that awesome?! And her professor has been reading it during class!! Man she is like the coolest convert ever! Pres. Berkheimer said he has never seen people grow in the Gospel like than Chris and Jess! I cant wait for Chris to get baptized.  Branden and Sierra are doing so good and it was great to see them too!
I love you all so much!  Thanks for all your support in sending me out here it is the best thing i have ever done and I am the happiest I have ever been.

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