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Friday, February 27, 2015

February 23, 2015

Hey Fam!

Its been pretty crazy weather over here in Memphis too! It has been sleeting really bad and they don't really have snow plows or anything so the roads get terrible! It makes for a good time! It has been such an awesome week though. I think every time I have written an email I say that, even when the week wasn't tough. But when I sit down and think about what has happened all I can throughout the week I always end up realizing all these tender mercies that happened.

We had a baptism for Jessica Maiava! She is awesome. One of the most prepared people I have taught. Her husband is already a member and they got married last week and she got baptized this week. I can't wait until they can got to the temple in a year.

I would say the number one ranked tender mercy happened on friday though. I might have told you a couple of letters ago about a woman named Ms. Lacy but I can't remember. Anyways we found her 24 year old son Boo at a recent converts house and we have been going over to teach him now, or so we thought. The first time we went over there his mom, Ms. Lacy, came to the door and said "O we are fine over here, we are church people. I am a prophetess and am highly favored of the Lord so we are good where we are at." (you would be surprised how many people we meet who claim to be prophets and prophetesses.) Anwyays she just didn't want to listen to us at all but she let us speak to her son and acted like she was going to the back but I know she just stood right outside the room and listened. Boo has some major word of wisdom issues and we were teaching him about the atonement. At the end of the lesson we said a prayer and she followed us outside and talked to us and started crying about her kids doing all this bad stuff and she didn't know what to do. But right when we started teaching her she shut off her ears and wouldn't listen. Anyways We went over to see Boo like every other day acting like we were just teaching him but we prepared out lesson like we were teaching her. She has listened from around the corner every time. Last week we went over there and she just broke down crying about everything she is going through and we offered to give her a blessing. She was pretty reluctant but she let us and her she was a different person afterwards. On thursday night when I was praying I got the most clear prompting ever to go see her tomorrow so I jumped up and wrote it in my planner.

On friday we went over and Boo wasn't there and so I said "since he isn't here would you mind reading the chapter we were going to read with him so you can catch him up to speed. It was a risky card we played there but I she folded and sat down and read with us. We read 1 nephi chapter 2 which might seem really random but its all about Lehi teaching his kids and wanting Laman and Lemeul to be obedient. She loved it and at the end we asked her how she felt and she said that everytime we have gone over there it has been "right on time" and everytime we share something she feels like it is exactly what she needs to hear. She committed to reading the Book of Mormon and she is coming to church next sunday! I know this is a long story and I didn't describe all the details but it was awesome. And its the most humbling experience ever to be an instrument in the Lords hands. It truly is His work and its crazy and a blessing that he allows imperfect people to be apart of it. I love it! Nothing is more fulfilling and nothing can make someone happier than helping someone else int he conversion process. I know this is a long letter but I have been so blessed lately. There is nothing better than being a missionary! Family thanks for all that you do for me! I love ya mom good luck with everything! 



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