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Friday, February 27, 2015

January 5, 2015


I'm pretty sure that mean "hi, how are you?" in Fijian. How is it going in AZ? I heard ya'll got some snow! How was your new years? Ours was awesome! On new years eve we had a mission leadership council meeting and it was great. Elder Daley and I instructed on "how to begin teaching" in PMG. I talked about the importance of first impressions and to illlustrate my point I used the example from Dwight in the office where he said that when he first met Pam she said something that slightly offended him, now ever since then she has been great to work with and very kind, but he hates her. Its amazing the gospel principles you can find in that show!

Anyways when the new year came and the clock struck midnight we definitely knew about. Guns were going off like crazy in our apartment complex. Our neighbors on both sides and everyone around was just shooting up in the air. Gotta love the ghetto!

So for the last couple of weeks Elder Daley and I have been in our area for only 2 days, so our teaching pool was looking more like a puddle. So since we had this week to be in our area we hit the skreets and promised the Lord we would talk to everyone we saw. We were so blessed this week to find people that are really humble and seem ready to progress in the gospel. I am excited to really start teaching them. We have an investigator named Ocie who has been coming to church the last 4 weeks and has a date for the 24th of this months. Also Mark Green our recent convert went out teaching with us this last week. And one of the most rewarding experiences of a mission is watching your recent converts teach the Gospel. We taught a girl and he was pretty much throwing down with her the whole time about how she needs to get baptized by proper authority and how much the book of Mormon will bless her. It was awesome! At the end of the lesson to he taught her how to pray and invited her to pray! Its just crazy because a couple of months ago he was being taught those things. It was a great thing to witness!

Family I am grateful for all that yall do for me! Things are going great out here!

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