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Friday, February 27, 2015

January 26, 2015

Hey fam whats up!

Its been another one of those really great weeks out here in the mish. I am loving Memphis! The ward, the people, the barbecue, its all top of the line! There has been more tender mercies then we deserve in this area. We have found a few really cool families this week who where the mom and dad are married, they have jobs, and they have a car. Now that might not sound like a miracle to all of you but in this area, families like that are needles in the huge memphis haystack. It has just been crazy to see the hand of the Lord lately in this work.

We had specialized training meeting last week where we got to hear from President and the assistants and it was really good. After that Elder Brown and I instructed on our purpose as missionaries. Now in all my instructions I always include a cheesy demonstration to illustrate the point. In this one I had 2 elders play some 1-on-1 basketball.One of the elders when he had the ball would just dribble at the top of the key and do all these streetball moves but ended up taking a horrible shot. The other elder made on move and got straight to the basket and scored. After observing the short game we had everyone evaluate. It was clear to see who was more effective, who was more focused on the end goal, and who actually in the end put the ball in the hoop. We related that to missionary work but I think it related pretty well to anyones life. Just like the elder just dribbling at the top of the key, there is a lot of things we can do that may look cool or look like we are doing something with our lives but are they really getting us anywhere? Do we the main goal or the purpose in mind? And are we always doing the things necessary to get there like the other Elder who just made one move and got to the hoop? Hugh Nibley said in one of his talks that we must all decide or who or what we want to be and then sacrifice anything that stands in the way of getting there. Thats one things I love about my mission is it had given me a greater vision of who I want to be and even more importantly, who others can become. Life would be a lot more enjoyable if we saw and treated others ad they can become. I am not very good at it yet but thats the kick I am on so I thought I would share.

I went on exchanges down in hernando, Mississippi this last week and it was awesome. Miracles always happen on exchanges! I dont have time to share but it will be a story for another time. I am just grateful for what I get to do right now. I am so happy. I got a great companion in Elder Brown. I love serving with the guy.

I am grateful for the 2 mission presidents I have had. Their examples have changed my life forever. I am grateful for the family I have. Seriously I have never been more grateful for my family than on my mission. And I am grateful for a Father in Heaven and His son Jesus Christ who see and treat us as we can become. Have a good week everyone! Love ya Mom!

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